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CORELOGS INGENIERÍA, is a newly established company with a great technical team of engineers and geologists highly qualified and experienced in the fields of geology, geotechnics, geophysics and  test "in situ".

The aim of the company is to provide consulting and support for companies that develop their activities in the field of civil engineering, mining, building, environment, archaelogy or hidrogeology. All the accumulated experience for staff over the years where similar activities was carried out  in other companies as heads of area, make it possible to provide the best solution for the project, both technically as well as economically.

CORELOGS INGENIERÍA professional team have developed and performed works of major scale in different countries both in civil engineering, energy projects, building, mining, enviroment, etc., in Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Spain, with satisfactory results.


CORELOGS, is a wholly independent company, has no connection with construction companies, manufacturers or equipment suppliers, engineering companies or with any public or financial institution.

About Corelogs


The Company consists of three areas of work, Geology & Geotechnics, Geophysics and Test "In SItu". The sum of these areas of work enables CORELOGS a fundamental support for any engineering or construction company.



The pricipal activities carried out by Corelogs applied to Geology and Geotecnics are:


-Drafting annexes of geology, geotechnical and materials for infrastucture projects.

-Drafting of geological and geotechnical studies for building (foundations).

-Slope stability studies and embankments by software Z-Soil finite element.

-Supervision, organization and control of field campaigns and witness soundings.

-Soil mechanics.

-Rock mechanics.

-Survey control.

-Technical assistance in field.


Applied geophysics consists primarily of non-invasive investigation of subsurface conditions by measuring, analysis and interpretation of different physical properties (resistivity, velocity of propagation of seismic waves, chargeability, etc.) of materials.
The characterization of geological formations, structure, groundwater, seawater intrusion, pollution, mineral resources, the presence of man-made elements, etc., is based on the study of lateral and vertical variations of the physical property used.
The study and analysis of these variations allow precisely define the geological structure under study, as well as faults and fractures and may also take appropriate corrective action.

The main prospecting techniques carried out by Corelogs in the different areas of research are:

  • Refraction .

  • Reflection. ​

  • Surface Waves (MAM-MASW).

  • Parallel seismic. ​

  • Crosshole Seismic Tomography.

  • ​Crosshole.

  • Downhole.


  • Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES)

  • Electrical Tomography  (ET)

  • Induced Polarisation (PI) 

  • Spontaneous Potential (SP)

  • Electrical Crosshole Tomoghraphy

  • Marine Electrical Tomography


  • Acoustic / Optical Televiewer​

  • Full Wave Sonic

  • Normal Resistivity

  • Natural Gamma

  • SP/SPR

  • Fluid Tª and Resistivity

  • Flowmeter


  • Georadar

  • Magnetometry


Geotechnical tests "in situ" are a fundamental support in the field of geotechnical engineering when designing an infrastructure is getting deformational and strength parameters in the same place where it will build, these being a necessary and essential complement for those parameters in any project.

The principals test "in situ" carried out by Corelogs are:


The presiodilatométric assay is a static load of the land that is done "in situ". Basically involves radial expansion of a cylindrical rubber membrane located inside of a borehole, applying increasing pressure with a loading speed according to the type of field test. The parameters obtained are:

-Pressuremeter module loading and unloading Ep.

-Cutting module loading and unloading G.

-Young module load and download E.

-Bulk modulus K.

-Flow pressure PF.

-Limit pressure PL.

-Undrained shear strength Su.

-Friction (°).

-Soil bearing capacity (Qp).

-Horizontal ballast coefficient (kh)









6-PIT (Pile Integrity Test)


Ismael Marazuela Martínez



Head of Geology and Geotechnics Areas

He graduated in Geological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. After which he joined the company In Situ Testing SL, where he developed his career in geotechnical projects of different nature (High Speed Train Lines, Highways, Dams, Hydrogeology and Mining).

He is an expert in test "In Situ", dilatometers test, Vanetest, hydro-fracturing, load plate, traction bolts, as well as dynamic penetrometer and inclinometer measures.


In 2012 he settled in Panama and founded the company Corelogs, developing important projects in the country and outside it.

Salvador Pescador Sesmero



Head of Geophisics Area

He graduated in Geological Sciences in 1994 from the Complutense University of Madrid.


Since 1995, he developed his career in the field of geophysics, working in various companies, as Orellana Consultores S.A. (OCSA) and Geología de Exploración y Síntesis S.L. (Gessal). In 2003 he joined at Situ Testing S.L. as Head of Geophysics Department, which performs many important projects in Spain, Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, using the most advanced and cutting-edge geophysical techniques.


In 2016 to become part of the company Corelogs, as a business partner.

Manuel Torres Criado


Technical Mining Engineer

Head of Geotechnics and Test "In SItu"

He is specialist in boreholes and prospections, from the Polytechnic University of Jaen.

He completed his training to hold specialized courses in Explosivos Rio Tinto España, Applied geotechnics and soil mechanics, Drilling and Surveys, Environmental, Geotechnical Engineering Building and Contamination of soil and groundwater.


In 1995 he joined the company In Situ Testing S.L., where he developed his career in geotechnical projects of different nature and relevance (High Speed Train Lines, Undergrounds, Highways, Dams, Hydrogeology and Mining). He is an expert in Test "In Situ", Dilatometers, Vanetest, Load Plate, Traction Bolts, Dynamic Penetrometer.


In 2016 he joined the company Corelogs as a business partner.





República de  Panamá

Barriada Brisas del Golf

Corregimiento Ernesto Córdoba Campos

Ciudad de Panamá

Ismael Marazuela Martínez

Cel.: (+507) 6786 9915


Avd de España

 28341 - Valdemoro (Madrid)

Salvador Pescador Sesmero

Telf: 00 34 622244889

Manuel Torres Criado

Telf: 00 34 622503759

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